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Google Back when I reviewed the Nexus 7, I mentioned that I was disappointed with Chrome for Android. It often felt slow, would hang, and typing in the address bar and input fields on webpages would lag. Scrolling wasn't always optimal, and sometimes, it would simply freeze up altogether. We're several months down the line now - has the situation improved for me?
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RE[2]: Firefox?
by REM2000 on Thu 8th Nov 2012 13:36 UTC in reply to "RE: Firefox?"
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I have a Galaxy Note 2 on O2 in the UK on version 4.1.1.

So far ive found the chrome experience really good. I was an iPhone user so came from Mobile Safari. So far ive found chrome to be a lot more responsive, i like the tab handling and it's really easy to navigate.

Im not sure on what the performance hits are experienced by others. I don't know if the note2 having a quad core and 2GB RAM helps it.

Web sites tend to scroll quite quickly even on photo heavy sites, even silly animated gifs seem to work. I haven't installed flash so im not sure on the performance of that.

I also own a Galaxy Note 10.1 which is running ICS and chrome is very fast on that also.

I will say though when i got the note2 at the end of october odd, the version of chrome then was slow and not very good, im sorry but i couldnt find the version of chrome im using at the moment on my note2.

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