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Editorial In the United States, state and local authorities are in charge of voting and the country uses more than a half dozen different voting technologies. As a result, the country can't guarantee that it accurately counts national votes in a timely fashion. This article discusses the problem and potential solutions to the U.S. voting dilemma.
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A sad state for the US to be in
by shotsman on Thu 8th Nov 2012 21:13 UTC
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Many of my US Friends are sick to the death with the US Electorial system. From Hanging Chads to Denying a large percentage(mainly black) of the population the vote on very dubious grounds and the endless phone calls at all times of the day and night over the past two years it is a very sad state.
Like the USPTO (boo hiss) it needs urgent reforming but there is very little chance of that happening this side of Armageddon.

Some of us count ourselves lucky to live in places that have a very different electorial system. Whilst most systems have their own issues, I hope that people who advocate reform of our system take note of this disaster and say to themselves, 'There but for the grace of god go we!'

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