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Internet & Networking "Not far from Valley Forge, around the corner from Bravo Pizza, up the road from Paoli Auto Body, there is an odd-looking office building that resembles a stone castle. An eye doctor is on the first floor. On the second floor is a search engine. The proprietor of the search engine is Gabriel Weinberg, who is 33. A few years ago, when Weinberg told his wife about his new business idea - pitting him against more established outfits such as Google and Bing - he admits that she briefly thought he was nuts." What a success story.
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RE: DuckDuckGo
by ssokolow on Sat 10th Nov 2012 03:54 UTC in reply to "DuckDuckGo"
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I like DuckDuckGo. The idea of no tracking is a relief. However, I have found the search results are not as good as Google's from my experience. Still more than adequate most of the time.

It depends, I do occasionally run into queries where DDG gives a more relevant set of results than Google. I agree that, most of the time, they're good enough.

However, I can actually go into detail on where DDG falls short: Forum posts. Google beats the pants off DDG for relevance when you're searching for something like an error message and the best answer is in some out-of-the-way forum site.

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