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Bugs & Viruses If you want to ensure you have adequate passwords but don't have the time or interest to study the topic, there's a useful basic article on how to devise strong passwords over at the NY Times. It summarizes key points in 9 simple rules of thumb. Also see the follow-up article for useful reader feedback. Stay safe!
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by Morgan on Sat 10th Nov 2012 09:51 UTC in reply to "Comment by Anonymous Penguin"
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I realize this won't work for everyone, but I have a knack for remembering long strings of random characters. My vehicle's VIN alternated with a Windows 98 key that I still have the CoA for up in the attic, along with my uncle's Romanian name, make for a nearly uncrackable but easy to remember password.

To be able to use it for different accounts, I just add a mnemonic related to that site. For local security, of course, I just use a simple 8 to 10 character alphanumeric string. That's more than enough to deter the few friends and family that visit my home.

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