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Linux "The result of almost a year of development by NVIDIA, Valve and other game developers, the new GeForce R310 drivers are designed to give GeForce customers the best possible Linux-based PC gaming experience - and showcase the enormous potential of the world's biggest open-source operating system." Like I said: something is happening here. No, not all problems will be solved overnight - but something is happening here, and you have to start somewhere. The fact that several gaming companies and NVIDIA are working together on this is a very clear sign that commitments have been made.
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by WereCatf on Sat 10th Nov 2012 11:20 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Nice"
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PS. I know Intel somehow manages, their open driver has both hardware decoding and proper power management. However, one comany doing it does not mean it should be easy for others to do the same. Like you say, we have no idea how many contracts and NDAs Nvidia and AMD are bound by.

Intel joined the GPU-game quite late, at a stage where GPU-technology was already quite well developed and understood, so they aren't bound by contracts and obligations they signed ten+ years ago while still developing the tech we see today. In other words, Intel could start from a cleaner plate and they probably already had F/OSS - source code in mind when they did, so they could develop everything with that in mind. Back when 3DFX, NVIDIA, AMD, etc. were still getting used to things there was no such thing as the F/OSS - movement and therefore the companies never planned their development efforts with that in mind.

Once you're bound by a contract it's usually very, very expensive to get out of it.

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