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Windows "Yesterday my desktop died, and so I went ahead and got a brand new Windows 8 laptop. It's always been my feeling that as years go on, user experience has been going down for people who use a computer and the Internet, because of decisions all companies make that are clearly anti-user, either because they think they know best, or in many cases, for financial gains. But from spending all night reinstalling everything and customizing the laptop, I realized just how bad it has become." Probably the biggest reason to go Mac or Linux. Such a shame Microsoft found it more important to pressure OEMs into silly Secure Boot nonsense instead of doing something about the anti-user crapware disaster. Goes to show who Microsoft cares about. Hint: it ain't you.
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Dell Vostro line
by rklrkl on Sun 11th Nov 2012 16:54 UTC
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As another poster said, crapware has been on Windows PCs for decades now - it's how OEMs recover the cost of the Windows OEM license and it really irritates the heck out of every single Windows user.

Years ago, I bought a Dell Vostro desktop - this is from their business line - and was utterly shocked that it actually came with zero crapware, a proper restore DVD and cost the same as their consumer (Inspiron) line.

So a tip might be to look at business lines of machines and see if they come with pre-installed crapware. Or do what I do and install CentOS 6 - GNOME 2, 10 years of updates and no crapware like Ubuntu's disgraceful Amazon search nonsense. :_)

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