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Internet & Networking "Not far from Valley Forge, around the corner from Bravo Pizza, up the road from Paoli Auto Body, there is an odd-looking office building that resembles a stone castle. An eye doctor is on the first floor. On the second floor is a search engine. The proprietor of the search engine is Gabriel Weinberg, who is 33. A few years ago, when Weinberg told his wife about his new business idea - pitting him against more established outfits such as Google and Bing - he admits that she briefly thought he was nuts." What a success story.
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RE: DuckDuckGo
by Carewolf on Mon 12th Nov 2012 08:21 UTC in reply to "DuckDuckGo"
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I find it to be very good at finding things outside of where I normally go. Google is better at the second, but only because they track me. So Google is for finding bookmarks by keyphrases, while duckduckgo is for actual searching to find new things.

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