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Windows "Yesterday my desktop died, and so I went ahead and got a brand new Windows 8 laptop. It's always been my feeling that as years go on, user experience has been going down for people who use a computer and the Internet, because of decisions all companies make that are clearly anti-user, either because they think they know best, or in many cases, for financial gains. But from spending all night reinstalling everything and customizing the laptop, I realized just how bad it has become." Probably the biggest reason to go Mac or Linux. Such a shame Microsoft found it more important to pressure OEMs into silly Secure Boot nonsense instead of doing something about the anti-user crapware disaster. Goes to show who Microsoft cares about. Hint: it ain't you.
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crapware as usual
by l3v1 on Mon 12th Nov 2012 09:11 UTC
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I can't easily remember a time when a pre-installed Windows PC didn't come with tons of pre-loaded crap software. It happened, once or twice, but that's such a low number that it's below the noise level.

For somewhat experienced users, that's not a huge deal, since they've already learnt to begin the usage of the new PC by an hour of cleaning up. For others it just means lots of unnecessary crap - if we're optimistic - or a non-understandably slow new PC - it happens sometimes.

I've had my fair share of such cleanups with Lenovos, Toshibas, HPs, sometimes with Dells (although my latest Dell laptop came surprisingly clean-ish). And sometimes even the sellers are morons.

Yeah, one of my favourite look-at-that-face moments was one time at a BestBuy when we bought a cheap-ish Toshiba laptop for my sister, and unfortunately they didn't tell on the web-page that this will be a piece which they have pre-installed with Windows and crapware for "testing"... right. They wanted to charge us a higher price for this "service" which we didn't ask for, but finally we managed to agree on approx. halving the extra price for this not-asked-for "service", but you should've seen the guy's face when I said I won't pay for them pre-installing crap since I still will need to make a clean install when we get home (he looked at me like I was from Mars or something), and how he reacted when I declined the x-months Norton Antivirus trial (you don't want protection? ... ;) ) along the other crap.

So yes, Windows users had to become accustomed to getting PCs with loads of junk, so these days if they get the same, they don't really get surprised by it. It became the norm, and getting a clean PC (laptop, WS or tablet) is still very much the exception, not the rule.

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