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Legal Interesting news in the middle of the night: Apple and HTC have announced they've settled all their patent disputes, bringing an end to all running lawsuits between the two companies. The companies signed a ten-year cross-licensing deal. Considering Apple's legal assault on Android hasn't been going particularly well, this really shouldn't come as a surprise.
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RE[3]: A broader view
by segedunum on Mon 12th Nov 2012 10:29 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: A broader view"
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The only flaw in that argument is that Apple is winning.

The flaw there is that they appear to win initially, but the law of averages, weight of supply and weight of numbers is against them. It's the PC market in the 80s all over again.

If winning means shipping the most units using a certain OS platform then Android is winning but Apple has never sought to achieve market share as a primary target...

That's why they ended up almost going out of business in the 90s and why, medium to long-term, there is no reason to believe that won't end up happening again.

What additional advantage would Apple achieve by increasing it's market share?

Long-term survival.

Thinking that Apple is seriously trying to stop Android devices being sold as a strategy in itself is farcical.

No, it really isn't.

Apple's legal strategy has never put a dent in Android growth, won't put a dent in Android and will never stop Android devices being sold and Apple know that.

Apple don't know that, or at least if they do there is little they can do about it. Holding back Android's enormous supply is really all they can do to avoid the iPhone and iOS being marginalised as Mac hardware and MacOS was.

Apple are run by rational people who are pursuing a legal strategy with a rational foundation and achievable goals, you may not like it but it's true.

I'm sure Apple are run by rational people with a rational legal strategy, but their goals are simply not achievable I'm afraid. History tells us that. You might not like that but not seeing it is simply denial.

Anybody who thinks that the mobile device market will be a repeat of the PC market is going to find the next few years very confusing.

There is no evidence at all for that assertion. The fundamentals of Apple's limited supply versus Android's greater supply via multiple hardware suppliers and the pressure that brings to bear (lower prices, basically) is pretty clear.

Why, if it is a failure, are major players such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft following Apple's lead and trying to build integrated products?

Control and providing direction basically. However, Google will never stop Samsung, HTC or any other manufacturer from using Android and Microsoft will still have OEMs. Amazon are basically an Android OEM anyway.

I just don't see any of your arguments standing up.

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