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Gnome "I'm writing to inform you that the release team discussed Drop or Fix Fallback Mode yesterday. We've come to the conclusion that we can't maintain fallback mode in reasonable quality, and are better off dropping it." Gnome-fallback has been my refuge, as I find both Unity and Gnome 3's shell unusable. Yes, we have been warned this would happen. I thought the cost of maintaining gnome-panel would be so low that it might never need to happen. But as it appears, it is deemed necessary. As for me, I'm bound for something Qt, as I am very angry at Gnome for abandoning its 'classic' users.
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Your data is coming from one place, and it's not fragmented. You would need more sources to support the claim that Ubuntu + Unity releases have grown. Market share is something hard to measure and it is necessary that you find more sources. According to other sources, Wikimedia is wrong.

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