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Mozilla & Gecko clones "In August, Mozilla's Director of Research Andreas Gal, and one of the lead engineers for Firefox OS, Philipp von Weitershausen, gave a couple of presentations in Brazil about Firefox OS. We're now happy to share both the videos and the slides, in various formats for you to see or use, giving your own presentations!" Lots of background on Firefox OS.
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RE[2]: The problem with Firefox
by bassbeast on Tue 13th Nov 2012 07:30 UTC in reply to "RE: The problem with Firefox"
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Thank you, its so nice to get a response other than "You lie! You must hate the FOSS you shill!" even though the browsers I recommend are both Open Source.

And while I've used process explorer many a time (most of his tools actually, the man knows his Windows Fu) what i needed was a way to watch in real time EXACTLY what was happening with FF. remember that the UI would get totally unresponsive so it wasn't like i could switch back and forth and last I checked it didn't have a gauge that would give you RAM, CPU, and HDD when minimized like AnVir task manager does. With AnVir I was able to simulate an average browsing session while watching ALL the major metrics and see what was really going on, and what I found was that FF just pimpslaps the hell out of low power and older CPUs, in fact in my tests with the E350 i actually lost 45 minutes on the battery using FF over Dragon!

But I can understand hanging onto that old AthlonXP, those were good chips. Its a shame there isn't an easy way to ship it to you as i have an Athlon 2400+ I'm gonna end up tossing because the board is toast and its a socket A and my Sempron box is a socket 754. But even with a 1.8Ghz Sempron Comodo Dragon (Chromium variant with some nice security features) can run multiple tabs, even play SD video, no problem. I can't even fire up FF on that unit anymore, its just unusable.

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