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Microsoft Big and surprising news this morning. Some considered him the crown prince of the Microsoft empire, slated to take over after Ballmer's eventual departure, but this morning, Steven Sinofsky announced his resignation from Microsoft. His role will be taken over by Julie-Larson Green. Persistent sources indicate that we're looking at a Forstall-esque situation; Sinofsky was, supposedly, not a good team player.
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But why?
by cdude on Tue 13th Nov 2012 16:45 UTC
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That the cron prince, that was handled as Ballmer's successor and that had such strong reputation, support and success, leaves immediately from one day to the other is neither normal nor in any way good or healthy for Microsoft.

He IS leaving a huge gap and the transition is so fast that it hurts strong. That Microsoft fills the position he left with 2 characters, where neither of them has the technical background or stand or proven success reflects that.

We can only guess what was happening but it must have been a serious clash. Is it related to the modest Surface RT start? The RT-news just hit the very same time that clash happened. Its not an unlikely scenario that this at lesst contributed in parts to the case. Sinofsky is THE Microsoft success-story. All he took over sold well. He turned things into gold. He fixed Vista. But it seems this may have found an end with Surface RT.

Another realistic option is Windows 9. We know that the planing for Windows 9 is on high speed right now. Maybe Ballmer and Sinofsky clashed on central aspects of where Windows 9 is heading to? Not unlikely either. Sinofsky was not easy to handle and I can imagine that he stands his opinions even when Balmer throws chairs at him. The disagrement may have been huge. Up to a level Sinofsky was not willing to accept and so did took the last joker:
Sinofsky: If this is done I will leave!
Ballmer: bye.

Suggestion for other explanations are welcome.

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