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Mozilla & Gecko clones "In August, Mozilla's Director of Research Andreas Gal, and one of the lead engineers for Firefox OS, Philipp von Weitershausen, gave a couple of presentations in Brazil about Firefox OS. We're now happy to share both the videos and the slides, in various formats for you to see or use, giving your own presentations!" Lots of background on Firefox OS.
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RE[3]: The problem with Firefox
by zima on Tue 13th Nov 2012 17:01 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: The problem with Firefox"
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Hm, in Process Explorer: Options -> Tray Icons ...and there you can turn on RAM, CPU, I/O history. Also View -> Update Speed.

Yeah, good chips. Plus this is the first version of Athlon XP, 0.18 um Palomino. They were quite a something when launched; short ~half a year later also quite inexpensive already, and still very fast back then.
Too bad it didn't help AMD as much as it should; Intel was too strong with OEMs, influence on them...

Actually, I have somewhere a faster Socket A 0.13u Athlon XP / Sempron (or maybe even a fake, a remarked Geode, as described under the photo of the green one ;) ), just didn't bother to swap them yet.

And that K8-based Sempron might be faster than 2400+ XP, anyway.

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