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AMD "Advanced Micro Devices has hired JPMorgan Chase & Co to explore options, which could include a potential sale, as the chipmaker struggles to find a role in an industry increasingly focused on mobile and away from traditional PCs, according to three sources familiar with the situation." Woah. Bad news for competition in the x86 space.
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RE: Could somebode explain me
by r_a_trip on Wed 14th Nov 2012 15:31 UTC in reply to "Could somebode explain me"
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It could be a perception problem. AMD makes good silicon, but in comment threads on the net you find a lot of vitriol against AMD. If you read some threads, you'd believe Intel made something near sentient with the Core architecture and AMD went back to 486 with Bulldozer.

AMD makes good performers with very reasonable pricing, but since they don't take the performance crown (Intel does with a much higher price tag), you have a lot of people proclaiming that AMD sucks and they are getting an Intel part.

I wonder though if they really go for the part that squarely beats AMD in performance and pay the premium for it, or they go for a cheaper part that could have been equally filled performance wise by an Intel or and AMD and then bask in the idea that they got a chip from the company that makes the fastest chips (just not the particular chip they actually bought).

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