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Microsoft Big and surprising news this morning. Some considered him the crown prince of the Microsoft empire, slated to take over after Ballmer's eventual departure, but this morning, Steven Sinofsky announced his resignation from Microsoft. His role will be taken over by Julie-Larson Green. Persistent sources indicate that we're looking at a Forstall-esque situation; Sinofsky was, supposedly, not a good team player.
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RE[5]: It's because of Windows 8
by celt on Wed 14th Nov 2012 16:47 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: It's because of Windows 8"
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"Not it isn't. It does soo many things better than 7 on the desktop. While I don't really use the Metro Apps (except for the video player and skype) ... it is a good OS.

It would be a good os, if I could get Metro out of my way for good. As it is, if I even want to launch a fucking program I have to interact with it unless I want to clutter up my desktop or taskbar with shortcuts. Windows 8 is a great os right until you actually need, you know, to be productive and do work. That thing most people actually use their computers to help accomplish.

You guys sincerely have the patience of a saints, I cannot imagine using Windows at all, couldn't tolerate it.

I demand my OS work for me, not me working around it's limitations or how IT (MS) thinks I need to work.

No, I'm a dedicated Mac user either.

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