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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless On the day CyanogenMod moves CM10 to stable, their domain is hijacked by a community 'member'. "We don't like how this played out, and we are deeply hurt. Likewise, we are deeply saddened at the confusion this may have caused the community. We will continue to be open about the what, when, how, but unfortunately, we may never know the 'why' - though greed comes to mind. The team itself has not made a profit off of CM and that is not our goal. But to have one of our own betray the community like this is beyond our comprehension." This makes me so angry and sad. Slightly related: it's about damn time the Googles and Samsungs of this world invest some money and resources into CyanogenMod to give them a solid infrastructure to work with. It would be peanuts for them financially.
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Although it has been resolved...
by Lazarus on Thu 15th Nov 2012 01:52 UTC
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When situations like this pop up, I always feel uneasy as people who are in no way affiliated start jumping to conclusions, and follow up by posting personal information.

It is entirely possible that this person has indeed gone through with the dick moves mentioned in the blog post, but the fact remains that we (I) don't know the whole story.

Sometimes the personal info that gets posted is of a completely different and innocent person, who ends up getting serious shit for something they did not do, and that fact alone makes me cringe when names start being posted by people who are no way directly involved.

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