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Microsoft Big and surprising news this morning. Some considered him the crown prince of the Microsoft empire, slated to take over after Ballmer's eventual departure, but this morning, Steven Sinofsky announced his resignation from Microsoft. His role will be taken over by Julie-Larson Green. Persistent sources indicate that we're looking at a Forstall-esque situation; Sinofsky was, supposedly, not a good team player.
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Lawsuits Starting
by Lorin on Thu 15th Nov 2012 05:22 UTC
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Seem that Microsoft advertises 32GB of storage space on the Surface and does not include any disclaimer on the package indicating that it is shared with the system and applications. So a class action has been filed in Los Angeles, this is one they will certainly get hit hard with unless the number of units sold was small.

Microsoft countered that the information is on their website, of course every one knows that it has to be on the package.

Maybe we will be saying Bye Bye Ballmer soon

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