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Windows My new phone arrived today: a blue HTC 8X, running Windows Phone 8. As a huge Windows Phone fan put off by several persistent issues in Windows Phone 7.x, I'm basically giving this platform another shot, and in this day and age such a second chance doesn't come cheap: the 8X is 539 EUR, after all. Here's a few quick first impressions after less than a day of use.
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Do you really need a notification center?
by wocowboy on Thu 15th Nov 2012 09:25 UTC
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Maybe I am understanding it wrong, but I thought the entire "live tile" interface of Windows Phone 8 IS a notification center in an of itself. With the tiles constantly updating, flipping, showing pictures, as you say, Facebook update counts, all that sort of thing, I thought there was no need at all for a notification center.

I've looked at WP 8, and while very pretty and totally different from Android and iOS, I just don't care for it, and it's a purely personal preference. Not being able to group your apps into any sort of organizational structure of folders like iOS is a deal-killer for me. I have a folder on the back page of my phone where I put all the apps I never use that come on the phone, out of sight/out of mind. That sort of thing. I really disliked having only a LOOOOONG list of apps to scroll through in order to find something.

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