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AMD "Advanced Micro Devices has hired JPMorgan Chase & Co to explore options, which could include a potential sale, as the chipmaker struggles to find a role in an industry increasingly focused on mobile and away from traditional PCs, according to three sources familiar with the situation." Woah. Bad news for competition in the x86 space.
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RE[8]: Thom
by Neolander on Thu 15th Nov 2012 14:49 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: Thom"
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When it comes to general usage, what does "late on the CPU front for a while now" even mean? Because CPUs have been more than powerful enough, in such usage, for a while now.

For the low-performance market, I believe AMD chips also perform worse on the power efficiency front, though I haven't checked in-depth benchmarking tests in a while. Again, might explain why almost no middle-end to high-end notebook uses their stuff.

There are only really two home PC areas which can be still starved for power - gaming and video editing. In both, the GPU kinda matters more; so in both, AMD is the one with an edge, thanks to more capable integrated GPUs.

It seems to me that you're forgetting one thing: anyone who really needs lots of GPU power won't be satisfied with the low-end stuff that gets integrated in CPUs, whether it's done by Intel or AMD.

In the dedicated GPU area, AMD are competing with NVidia, not Intel, and it's a different battle altogether.

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