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Windows My new phone arrived today: a blue HTC 8X, running Windows Phone 8. As a huge Windows Phone fan put off by several persistent issues in Windows Phone 7.x, I'm basically giving this platform another shot, and in this day and age such a second chance doesn't come cheap: the 8X is 539 EUR, after all. Here's a few quick first impressions after less than a day of use.
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RE: No wifi on sleep?
by Nelson on Thu 15th Nov 2012 17:13 UTC in reply to "No wifi on sleep?"
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The problem is that once a data transfer has been initiated (For example, let's say you're streaming Pandora), it can't be reassigned to another transport medium.

If I start streaming on 3G, it will remain on 3G the entire time, despite me having WiFi. That's the really nefarious part of the shortcoming, it can lead to unintended data usage.

On Windows Phone, background tasks may periodically execute, which may among other things request network resources (For a streaming agent, or a background transfer agent). This has the effect of gobbling up data usage.

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