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Windows My new phone arrived today: a blue HTC 8X, running Windows Phone 8. As a huge Windows Phone fan put off by several persistent issues in Windows Phone 7.x, I'm basically giving this platform another shot, and in this day and age such a second chance doesn't come cheap: the 8X is 539 EUR, after all. Here's a few quick first impressions after less than a day of use.
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by Pelly on Fri 16th Nov 2012 01:50 UTC
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Watched a few videos & even played with one at an AT&T Store.

I was drooling over HTC 8X & WP8. Microsoft really took the WP8 OS to a very good level and HTC did an fantastic job on the device design, feel & sturdiness.

While I seriously considered purchasing one, I actually opted for the HTC Titan 2 running WP7.5.

One prime reason was pricing. A new HTC WP8X device would've cost me $200 USD (w/agreement). Upgrading my current device to a new HTC Titan 2 only cost $20 because the new WP8 devices are out.

With my daughter in college, everything comes down to cost.

The other prime reason was the HTC Brand, itself. Over the last several year, all of my phone devices have been HTC with the sole exception of my Samsung Focus running WP7.X. I loved the OS but felt the Samsung device itself had far less quality in its construction & materials.

The prior HTC devices I've used are 8125, 8525, 8925, Tilt2, Fuze & HD2 (T-Mobile & unlocked for AT&T). I've found the form-factor & overall feel, reliability and sturdiness of the HTC devices I've used are nothing short of fantastic.

And I had the same impression of the HTC WP8X.

As I said, it all came down to the pricing why I got the Titan 2 instead.

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