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Windows A California man is suing Microsoft, alledging that his Surface tablet did not provide the advertised amount of disk space. The 32G device has 16G of space for users, as the operating system uses the other 16G. The 64G Surface leaves 45G free for users. The case will turn on whether Microsoft has clearly explained to customers how much free space the Surface leaves for their use outside of the OS. How much disk space does your OS consume?
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by izomiac on Sat 17th Nov 2012 05:17 UTC in reply to "Comment by Thom_Holwerda"
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For personal computers, you're right. People expect a Windows to take 5-10% of a 320 GB harddrive. For portable devices, people are accustomed to the advertised storage being available for media (e.g. 10,000 songs on your 32 GB MP3 player).

This trend has changed somewhat with smartphones, as Android might take 512 MB of the 32 GB available, but it's generally trivial. Phones which don't advertise the space might use more (e.g. 1.5 GB of 8 GB), but nowhere near 50%. People see "32 GB" and expect to be able to put ~5,000 pictures, ~2,000 MP3s and ~25 movies on the device simultaneously. That's why they bought a device with many gigabytes of storage -- to store media on it.

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