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Windows A California man is suing Microsoft, alledging that his Surface tablet did not provide the advertised amount of disk space. The 32G device has 16G of space for users, as the operating system uses the other 16G. The 64G Surface leaves 45G free for users. The case will turn on whether Microsoft has clearly explained to customers how much free space the Surface leaves for their use outside of the OS. How much disk space does your OS consume?
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Regardless of who it is it's still wrong I'm afraid. Advertising storage space and then leaving a user with half of the advertised storage space is plain ridiculous.

But people are more likely to raeg at Microsoft.

Oh, and you're still a troll who frankly doesn't know what he's arguing half the time when he loses arguments. Hint: It's at that point that you stop typing.

Oh yes, last time if I remember correctly you were doing the old "I am going delibrately mis-interpret simple words like 'we' to make my argument work".

Unlike a lot of people on here, I have don't hide my real identity.

The very first comment on here was a troll, the article itself is a troll. I obvious troll back to make a point and everyone gets their nickers in a twist.

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