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Internet Explorer "In Windows 8, we reimagined the browser with IE10. We designed and built IE10 to be the best way to experience the Web on Windows. With the IE10 Release Preview for Windows 7 consumers can now enjoy a fast and fluid Web with the updated IE10 engine on their Windows 7 devices. The release preview of IE10 on Windows 7 is available for download today."
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This had to have been planned.
by UltraZelda64 on Sun 18th Nov 2012 10:23 UTC
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Seriously, this is just downright pathetic. I mean... come on. Microsoft has 100% control over both Windows and IE. Research, development, design decisions, testing, advertising, marketing, sales, licensing, source code, and the product in general. Windows 8 came out with IE10, what, over half a fucking month ago? And still, they're dicking around trying to get IE10 running on Windows 7? WTF?!?

Meanwhile, Windows is regarded as being (and I won't deny, it is) the operating system with the absolute highest level of binary backwards compatibility not just from release to release (ie. Win98 to WinXP, Win7 to Win8), but also from many versions back (Win9x-XP, XP-7, hell... even Win9x to Win7). Honestly, in that aspect, nothing comes close; Mac OS X is an absolute joke, and Linux/BSD are almost fully based on open source software so binary compatibility may not be great, but because the source code is available and thanks to software repositories it doesn't really need to be.

And here we are, looking at Microsoft struggling to fucking backport the current latest version of one single god damn application to their previous (as in, still commercially supported) version of Windows. And yet... they own the source code to both the OS and the web browser. Hello?!? Microsoft, is anyone there?!

Am I the only one who smells something extremely fishy with this? Something as in, "we want you to upgrade to the latest version of Windows to get the most recent Internet Explorer, so... uh, yeah! That means we can just sit on our asses at home all day, kind of like what we did with IE6 as we held the web back for years and let it sit to rot!"

Shit, even Firefox (Iceweasel) 10.0.10 ESR is in Debian Backports for Squeeze, an OS released in February of last year, and Debian doesn't even develop the browser! Come on Microsoft, get off your asses, there are people out there paying some damn good money for your crap. Quit using the development builds of your browser to watch porn and just get it finalized and release something for once.

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