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Windows A California man is suing Microsoft, alledging that his Surface tablet did not provide the advertised amount of disk space. The 32G device has 16G of space for users, as the operating system uses the other 16G. The 64G Surface leaves 45G free for users. The case will turn on whether Microsoft has clearly explained to customers how much free space the Surface leaves for their use outside of the OS. How much disk space does your OS consume?
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by ilovebeer on Sun 18th Nov 2012 16:24 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: Comment by ilovebeer"
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Christ on a pogo stick, fanboys can be so willfully stupid it hurts.

Yes, there are definitely laws in the US regulated by the FTC regarding false advertising. Yes, class action lawsuits have already been settled with regards to the above link concerning hard drive space amounts. So yes, in this case, Microsoft is advertising n amount of space and in actuality there is n/50 for available use. This is false advertising. This lawsuit is valid and will proceed based on the prior precedent. And yes, it will likely be settled out of court with a financial amount paid plus precise changes to the wording in the adverts.

Is this now clear enough for you and Lucas to get?

I ask that real laws and/or real successful cases on this very subject be cited as evidence that anything your little buddy has claimed is true..... And the best you can come up with is a wikipedia link about false advertising? I hope to god you don't expect anyone to take you seriously! If so, that's really really ..really pathetic.

We all know why you cited a wikipedia definition rather than a real law or case. Because there is no real law or case that proves what you/your pal claim. You two are confused about what's in your imagination, and what exists in the real world.

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