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Editorial Do you depend on your computer for your living? If so, I'm sure you've thought long and hard about which hardware and software to use. I'd like to explain why I use generic "white boxes" running open source software. These give me a platform I rely on for 100% availability. They also provide a low-cost solution with excellent security and privacy.
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Comment by zhuravlik
by zhuravlik on Sun 25th Nov 2012 08:46 UTC
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I prefer to own first-class laptop. Sometimes you just need to take it with you, and desktop is not the case.
Of course, it runs GNU/Linux distribution. (Default Windows installation on this laptop had bloatware such as Bing toolbar pre-installed, and also at least two checkboxes checked-by-default to "send anonymous statistics". Seems that several years later computers with proprietary software will send daily several gigabytes of outgoing traffic of "interesting" data to the software owner.)

Tablets are proprietary by desing, so I dislike this device type at most (except e-books, of which I don't care whether they run proprietary thing or not - such device just needs to have great screen for reading and long-life battery, that's why mine is Kindle). Also they currently cannot connect to wired networks and external storage, and that's why tablets suck twice times.

Desktop for me is the fallback option, and also is the playground and multi-multi-boot system (if I need something exotic, such as Windows or Solaris or even Haiku, but in non-virtual environment, I use it).

All my high-capacity storage is pluggable, so I don't depend on what type of computer I currently use.

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