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Editorial Do you depend on your computer for your living? If so, I'm sure you've thought long and hard about which hardware and software to use. I'd like to explain why I use generic "white boxes" running open source software. These give me a platform I rely on for 100% availability. They also provide a low-cost solution with excellent security and privacy.
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RE: Development
by zhuravlik on Sun 25th Nov 2012 10:41 UTC in reply to "Development"
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>Visual Studio is simply one of the best dev environments around

VS itself is good for a total newbie to create a crazy inefficient app with several mouse-clicks, but which will work.

And for the senior developer it does not really have any sense which text editor he will use. The only thing that really matters is the number of advanced features that is here out-of-the-box. As a productivity tool, VS is not-so-good without addons such as ReSharper.

>.NET is extremely powerful too

Not more powerful than Java platform, if to be honest.

Yes, programming languages are far more expressive, but sometimes it leads to non-efficient code and strange design much more easily than in more strict languages.

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