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Editorial Do you depend on your computer for your living? If so, I'm sure you've thought long and hard about which hardware and software to use. I'd like to explain why I use generic "white boxes" running open source software. These give me a platform I rely on for 100% availability. They also provide a low-cost solution with excellent security and privacy.
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Dev platforms are ALL unstable
by kateline on Sun 25th Nov 2012 23:53 UTC
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A good, serious article. It's unfortunate that some of the people commenting here aren't capable of equally serious criticism and instead resort to juvenile responses. That hasn't been cool since the 90's, people.

Though I agree with the article about the shifting sands of Microsoft's developer environments, the WAMP platform suffers from the same problems! Whichever stack you choose you face a major issue with backwards compatibility if you're an IT organization. The problem is not the MS stack but instability of all dev stacks.

I agree about the lack of vendor support these days. I still see some hand-rolled fixes by IBM and Oracle but most vendors follow MS on this and have given up on that long ago. Like the quickly changing dev stacks, this makes sense for the vendors but leaves IT customers hanging.

The fact is that it's just plain tougher for IT to keep up today, esp. given the invasion of handhelds.

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