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Linux Since its 4.4.10 release way back in 2008, Damn Small Linux languished as an inactive project. But a month ago John Andrews announced 4.11 release candidate 2. It includes updated apps and bug fixes. Download from here (only 50m). More on what's in the release candidate here. DSL is popular for making older computers useful and also works well as a tiny live distro.
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RE[2]: Still good, Still works
by Morgan on Mon 26th Nov 2012 06:36 UTC in reply to "RE: Still good, Still works"
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The issue I've run into with keeping my old ~1999 "classic gaming/BeOS" machine alive is hard drive failure. Over the years every PATA drive in my house has developed issues, though the one in the machine right now is in the best shape with just a few bad clusters. It's gotten to the point that I'm about ready to throw it all out and stick to VMs on my newer machines, rather than splurge on a SATA => PATA adapter and throw in a newer drive.

Oh, but it's so nice having native BeOS and classic games on a system with a "real" 3D video card...

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