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Editorial Do you depend on your computer for your living? If so, I'm sure you've thought long and hard about which hardware and software to use. I'd like to explain why I use generic "white boxes" running open source software. These give me a platform I rely on for 100% availability. They also provide a low-cost solution with excellent security and privacy.
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by zhuravlik on Tue 27th Nov 2012 19:03 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: ..."
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>This alone proves you have little knowledge of how real commercial development works in the majority of the business world.

Of course, that's why the Linux kernel is currently one of the most actively developed widely commercially-used projects. Also illumos kernel is now developed by several corps. And mostly advanced Java-related companies have IDEs with open core. And even Microsoft releases Entity Framework, ASP.NET MVC, and some other important parts of their product line as open source software.

>Open Source simply doesn't exist in any meaningful way, end of story.

For you - does not. For all those who do not understand that code-sharing is better that inventing the bicycle inside every new company. Major players share parts of their codebase by providing open source under liberate license. Software becomes harder and harder to maintain, and only shared attempts to develop it will lead the players to the victory.

And there are other sides: community growth, larger tester crowd, popularity of the company as liberate and open, and also recruitment - newcomers are already familiar with product's core when they come to work.

No, I'm not the fan of GPL3-only, etc. Software may have closed components. But open core and good interoperability - they are the main perils of success.

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