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Gnome Not even GNOME itself could ignore the GNOME 3 criticism for much longer. "As part of the planning for the DropOrFixFallbackMode feature, we've decided that we will compile a list of supported gnome-shell extensions. This will be a small list, focused on just bringing back some central 'classic' UX elements: classic alt tab, task bar, min/max buttons, main menu. To ensure that these extensions keep working, we will release them as a tarball, just like any other module."
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RE: they just dont get it
by Morgan on Thu 29th Nov 2012 06:55 UTC in reply to "they just dont get it"
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While I feel Hiev is being a total douche about this, he's partially right. If you don't like Gnome anymore, don't use it. Xfce is nearly at the feature and stability level Gnome 2 was a few years ago, and even KDE is becoming tolerable enough to use daily (my own opinion there, not a statement of fact).

The Gnome team seems hell bent on doing the same thing the Arch team is: Pissing off all the regular users until there's only the core development team left. Then it's their private playground to do with as they wish, the public be damned.

Maybe that's why Arch has one of the most complete and functional Gnome 3 installations out there. Perhaps the two teams can get together and circle-jerk each other into irrelevance while the rest of us move on to better desktops and distros.

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