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Windows "As we pass the one month anniversary of the general availability of Windows 8, we are pleased to announce that to-date Microsoft has sold 40 million Windows 8 licenses. Tami Reller shared this news with industry and financial analysts, investors and media today at the Credit Suisse 2012 Annual Technology Conference. Windows 8 is outpacing Windows 7 in terms of upgrades." Not bad, but there are the usual asterisks, as Ars notes.
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RE: Pathetic
by tylerdurden on Thu 29th Nov 2012 22:00 UTC in reply to "Pathetic"
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Now think of it this way: Most of what those 7 Billion do have is either a home phone, cell phone or a combo. So it's not like people don't need things, they do. Just not Windows, if given the choice.

You win the bobby price for the post with the largest lack of self awareness of the day:

Basically, you need to get out more. Over half of earth's 7 billion human population lives in abject poverty (making less than $2 a day), with over 2 billion people not having access to proper clean water or food supplies, and 1 billion suffering from hunger (which is one of the worst forms of violence). So for over 3 billion people a cell phone (smart of dumb) is not only an unreachable luxury, but the least of their worries.

Of the 3 billion people who do not live in abject poverty, a significant fraction live in developing countries, where only a relatively small percentage make enough money to be able to afford a non-vital commodity like a really fancy smart phone.

Your life as a middle class Western kid is far from being a representative of the human experience on this planet. You know what the average human is? A 29 yr old right handed Chinese male, whose life experience, interests, and concerns are likely to be completely foreign to you.

As per the 40 million Windows licenses, that number is larger than the population of many industrialized nations of earth (E.g. Canada, Poland, Australia, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Denmark...). So it is a rather significant volume.

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