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Microsoft Financial analyst Charles Sizemore predicts that over time, a persistent Microsoft will come to not only thrive but dominate in the mobile computing space, because Apple has no "moats" to prevent customer attrition and its insistence at heavily controlling the ecosystem will drive customers away, while Google's offerings are too "shoddy." It's a bold prediction, but I suppose betting on Microsoft to be persistent and build on its strengths is a safe bet. But will persistence and flexibility be enough?
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RE[2]: Beware of the "analyst"
by cdude on Fri 30th Nov 2012 07:19 UTC in reply to "RE: Beware of the "analyst""
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That particular analyst referenced in the article was already proven to be wrong. WP flopped huge, Surface RT flopped (see Ballmer's statement and just yesterday Microsoft cut its manufactor order by half from 4 million to 2 million Surface RT tablets, most if not close to all there partners left and the all-in-one Nokia hope is dying).

Lets face it. The Windows monopoly is gone. Today more consumer devices running Android are sold then consumer devices running Windows. Android grows fast, Windows decreases. Customers made there choice already. The ecosystem is with Android and iOs, the customers are with Android and iOs. Most customers know Windows very well and they are not going to put it on there phones, on there tablets, on there home entertainment systems too. Today they HAVE a choice unlike it was with the desktop last decades and they MADE there choice already. Its not Microsoft.

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