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Windows "Today, I want to share a bit more detail about the growing Surface family of products and Surface with Windows 8 Pro, specifically around pricing. In January, Surface with Windows 8 Pro will be available in two versions and pricing will start at $899." Stefan Constantine noted on Twitter: "For the price of a Surface Pro ($899), you could buy a Nexus 4 ($349), Nexus 7 ($299), and a Chromebook ($249). Do the math." No matter how hard people are going to shout the Surface Pro is an ultrabook competitor, people will compare it to an iPad.
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Ultrabook competitor?
by l3v1 on Fri 30th Nov 2012 09:13 UTC
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Well, it never even crossed my mind to put the surface pro in the same league as ultrabooks. I mean an i5 with unknown speed (probably low, for heat and battery considerations), unknown memory (if it's below 4G then that's it), unknown ssd (if it's below 256G then that's it), and the small screen size (while 10.6 is quite OK for a tablet, and the resolution is nice, there's no way one could use that for anything besides tablet functions, unless you hook it up to a monitor, but then it's not portable anymore, is it), crappy keyboard (I've read quite a lot of dissatisifed comments about the Surface keyboard).

All in all, for ultrabook-level functionality, I'd prefer my xps13 over a Surface Pro any day (or one of the gazillion other ultrabooks that are better ultrabooks than any tablet posing as one).

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