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Microsoft Financial analyst Charles Sizemore predicts that over time, a persistent Microsoft will come to not only thrive but dominate in the mobile computing space, because Apple has no "moats" to prevent customer attrition and its insistence at heavily controlling the ecosystem will drive customers away, while Google's offerings are too "shoddy." It's a bold prediction, but I suppose betting on Microsoft to be persistent and build on its strengths is a safe bet. But will persistence and flexibility be enough?
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Here comes the MS paid shill
by silviucc on Fri 30th Nov 2012 11:40 UTC
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Say something long enough and loud enough and it becomes the truth, eh Microsoft? So nice to see that decrepit, FUD-happy old MS that I know aint dead. World would be so boring.

Just the other day, these FUDsters were complaining that webkit is becoming the new IE6. LoL. The nerve!

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