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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Once you've got used to it, and that the Hub is the home screen, BB10 is by some distance the most brutally efficient multitouch interface I have used so far. It makes the others look like hard work. Yes, the odds are stacked against RIM - and when it comes to the as-yet unseen hardware, it needs to pull some crackers out of the barrel. But phones sell on the user interface, and this is very good indeed." Basically how I feel about Windows Phone. Much more pleasurable and fun to use than the childish and condescending iOS, and the at times confusing and messy Android (more Holo please, developers!), but sadly, the rest of the world doesn't really care.
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about these recurring WP8 comments
by rsmithers on Fri 30th Nov 2012 12:53 UTC
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I generally respect Thom's opinion, and I do want WP8 to succeed, but I gave a WP8 device a try this past weekend, and simply couldn't get into it. The interface seemed flashy and ADD (especially those live tiles), configurability was extremely limited (and, really, what's with every solitary on/off config option being nested under its own list item?), and the excessive transition animations took such a long time to complete that I found the experience frustrating.

I'm typically an Android user, and the Android interface can be frustrating and clunky at times (how is it that recent interface updates actually _increase_ the number of touches/clicks that it takes to get things done?), but this was a picnic compared to WP8, which seemed to consistently both annoy the hell out of me and put me on edge. Additionally, unlike typical reviews, I didn't find the touch interface any more smooth and "buttery" than Android 4.0 (sic) -- certainly not as smooth as iPhoneOS -- and I got the feeling that Microsoft was trying to cover this up with flashy transitions to make the device _seem_ smoother and faster reacting. The _slight_ lack of smoothness and lag doesn't bother me, but those transitions do.

I haven't seen any reviews that agree with me, and Thom regularly praises WP8's interface. Am I missing something obvious? Is there an easter egg that I can activate that will enable additional device configuration options (which might at least make the menu structure less useless)? Can I switch out the flashy, time-consuming transitions by tweaking a registry setting when attached to some debugging interface? Can I use live tiles in an interactive manner without them flipping and flitting every second? Does everyone have this initial reaction, but somehow find it fantastic after a week of use? Or is the WP8 interface simply not for me?

Throw me a bone here.

Reference device: HTC 8x

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