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Windows I'm back from my vacation to the US, the jetlag has mostly passed, so back to OSNews it is! So, Windows 8 has been out for only a little while, and we're already moving on to the next 'version' of Windows. Version is between quotation marks, because unlike previous releases, this doesn't appear to be the a monolithic single release. Instead, Windows Blue, as it's currently codenamed, is more of a procedural change than a technical change: Windows is moving to yearly releases for all devices - PC, tablet, phone.
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Or could it be
by shotsman on Fri 30th Nov 2012 13:31 UTC
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Windows 8 SP1 with a bit of added gloss?

They really need to fix their update policies first. Get rid of the endless reboots and the cases where after appling a so called 'fix' some of your configuration has been nuked.
Yes MS I'm looking at you. I had all auto updates turned off and after manually selecting 125Mb of updates, I rebooted and carried on blissfully unaware that one of the patched had reset it to 'Auto download and apply'.
Then I was in the middle of rendering a number of large MPeg4's, the frigging system rebooted itself. The render was going to take 20+ mins each so I left the PC to get on with it.
I was not a happy bunny when I returned to find the PC had rebooted itself.
What a load of utter tripe their system is.

They should get around to fixing a whole host of other things before implementing this bit of marketing tat.

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