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Windows I'm back from my vacation to the US, the jetlag has mostly passed, so back to OSNews it is! So, Windows 8 has been out for only a little while, and we're already moving on to the next 'version' of Windows. Version is between quotation marks, because unlike previous releases, this doesn't appear to be the a monolithic single release. Instead, Windows Blue, as it's currently codenamed, is more of a procedural change than a technical change: Windows is moving to yearly releases for all devices - PC, tablet, phone.
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Android updates
by tkeith on Fri 30th Nov 2012 15:04 UTC
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I know everyone gets worked up about Android updates vs iOS, but I think they are looking at it the wrong way.

Think about it this way. A few months before the new iphone comes out(and new iOS version) Apple releases the iOS beta for developers. Which is refined and a final version comes out many months later with the new phone, then shortly after that the new version of iOS is pushed to older devices. How is that really different than what Google does?

In July Google released a "beta"(ironically Google loves the term but doesn't call it that) of Android 4.1. In this case however it is a fully working version made for two devices(GSM Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7). Several months later it is released on the VZW Nexus, Asus Transformer and others. Some devices take longer, and some don't get it at all(not unlike the iphone 1 and 3G).

No doubt it sucks that some devices don't get an update they "should"(possibly because Android evolves so much faster than iOS) and others are delayed way too long(carrier approval, ect.). However when you look at the control Google has over Android, they are actually handling it quite similar to Apple to the extent that they can. You could argue that Google should take full control of Android, but you will lose much of what makes it good.

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