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Windows I'm back from my vacation to the US, the jetlag has mostly passed, so back to OSNews it is! So, Windows 8 has been out for only a little while, and we're already moving on to the next 'version' of Windows. Version is between quotation marks, because unlike previous releases, this doesn't appear to be the a monolithic single release. Instead, Windows Blue, as it's currently codenamed, is more of a procedural change than a technical change: Windows is moving to yearly releases for all devices - PC, tablet, phone.
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by drcouzelis on Fri 30th Nov 2012 16:12 UTC in reply to "Comment by marcp"
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Although I believe more frequent releases from Microsoft is a good thing, I don't think this counts as rolling releases.

There's a very simple way to test if something has a rolling release development: if it has a version number then it's not rolling release. For example:

What version of Windows are you using? (example: Windows 7)

What version of Mac OS X are you using? (example: 10.6)

What version of Arch Linux are you using? (example: Right now)

What version of Gentoo Linux are you using? (example: Last Tuesday?)

Rolling release software has no support for "older versions" because there are no older versions. The only version is "now". I assume this won't be the case with Microsoft, whether you're running Windows 9 or Windows 2018.

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