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Hardware, Embedded Systems "I was prepared to write that the Windows 8 interface was forcing unnecessary touchscreen controls on people who wouldn't appreciate them, particularly if they were simply grafted onto a traditional laptop. But the more I've used Windows 8, despite its faults, the more I've become convinced that touchscreens are the future - even vertical ones." I can see his point. I, too, have often felt the desire to touch regular and laptop displays, especially when doing things like photo and video.
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RE: photo editors table
by Lion on Sat 1st Dec 2012 11:22 UTC in reply to "photo editors table"
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It was called the surface. For a while there was a bit of text on that indicated that the product you linked to had been renamed to "SUR40 with PixelSense" so that they could repurpose the Surface name. Having played with one at a local Microsoft building... It has a unique interface (I think this is the part they now refer to as PixelSense) that seemed incredibly limited. It was little more than a kiosk, and was pretty horrible to use.

I love the idea of a large low-angle touchscreen as a lightbox or architect's desk style thing. Now I want to know where to get a 30" touchscreen and a strong luxo-lamp style mount for it to move between desk and display modes.

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