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OSNews, Generic OSes I was on vacation to the US last week, and a few technology-related things stood out to me. One, the in-flight entertainment things aboard international Delta flights are absolutely terrible. Worst software I've ever used, and many of them were plain broken. iPads/Android tablets please, Delta. Second, there were more employees than customers in the Las Vegas Apple Store. Since there were a reasonable amount of customers, there were even more employees. It looked ridiculous. Are they all like that? Three, using a Windows Phone 8 device to mooch off an Apple Store's wifi is strangely satisfying. Four, there are a lot of technology commercials on US TV, and they are all corny as hell. Two iPads playing piano? Children holding a PowerPoint presentation to convince their parents to switch mobile plans? Seriously? Is this what this industry has come to? Five, it's pretty clear iPads and iPhones are way, way, way more popular in the US than in The Netherlands. You see them everywhere, and people display them so openly. It was jarring. In The Netherlands, I always feel as if people are ashamed to take devices out of their pockets in the first place. No wonder US-based writers like Gruber and Arment think Apple dominates everything - if you rarely leave the US, it seems as if they do! Six, and this is not technology related at all but I want to get it off my chest because us Europeans could learn a thing or two from it: Americans are the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with. I knew this from my existing American friends and from my previous trip to the US (Texas, ten years ago), but it bears repeating. Open, interested, kind, helpful, considerate, and nice. Not exactly qualities I'd ascribe to most of my fellow countrymen. Alright, as you were!
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by ilovebeer on Sat 1st Dec 2012 17:40 UTC
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1) Those crappy media players the airlines use are cheap cost-wise. Considering most people fool around on their cell phone, laptop, or tablet, there's no good reason for an airline to dump a bunch of investment into ipads for in-flight entertainment.

2) I've never heard anyone complain about there being too many employees ready to serve customers. That's a new one, and it's pretty crazy that anyone would _not_ see it as a good thing.

4) I don't know that there are many more technology commercials here than in any other modern country, but I do agree most of them are stupid and that's certainly not exclusive to the US. Most commercials are dumb no matter where in the world they come from.

5) It's no secret Apple products are popular here. That shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. No ground-breaking story there. People don't really display their mobile devices, it's more that they use them a lot of the time without courtesy or consideration of others, or in plain idiocy. Within the last year I've seen:

- people using both hands to text, eyes looking down at their cell phone, while driving (one woman was doing this at 65+mph on the freeway)

- a number of people texting while they walk right into other pedestrians, inanimate objects, and even oncoming traffic

- people holding up lines at the grocery store, coffee shop, etc. because they're too busy talking or texting on their cell phone to finish their transaction so the next person in line can be served

- countless cell phone rings, text message alerts, and bright cell phone screens lit up during movies at the theater. (thankfully most of them stopped when confronted, or were kicked out)

This list could go on forever... Cell phones, and especially texting, has brought out some of the worst behavior I've ever seen in people. It's not limited to obnoxious teenagers either. If anything I would say adults are easily worse. Generally speaking people here are nice, helpful, etc. It's typically just when cell phones or douche-bag driving are in the picture that things get really ugly.

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