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OSNews, Generic OSes With the just released version 12.11, the developers of the Genode OS Framework are celebrating the break-through to execute the entire build system based on GCC 4.7.2 within their genuine operating-system environment. The new release gets accompanied with new audio drivers from the Open Sound System project, extended support for OMAP4, and numerous stability and performance improvements concerning the underlying kernel platforms.
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RE[4]: I feel like a thicko
by zima on Mon 3rd Dec 2012 13:50 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: I feel like a thicko"
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Thank you for the explanations - I was in a similar position to Laurence, an OS-layman, but now I think I get the general idea behind Genode.

BTW, in by "main-stream computing" (middle of first answer) you mean user-facing/visible, I suppose? Don't some microkernels see wide adoption - just hidden from view a bit, ~embedded?... (also ~L4, so related to your Dresden efforts?)
And I love the 4th answer, transformers and Lego analogy ;)

Generally, too bad that "good enough is the enemy of better" ...the landscape, which form of OS will dominate, might be possibly largely decided; it would be a shame if all this remained mostly an academic curiosity.
(maybe it's a bad sign when the project is hard to explain; or maybe the laymen always see ~permission mechanisms as too convoluted ;) - like it was with UAC, and that not even a very extreme mechanism)

Are there any notable entities expressing their interest already? (maybe not necessarily the kinds of Red Hat or Google with their million or so servers and Android, but something which could already determine if the project goes somewhere)

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