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In the News News Corp. has just announced its iPad-only newspaper The Daily will be closed down. What do you know, a platform-specific publication fails in the internet era. I totally did not see this coming at all. Times are changing, people. Platform-specific is so 2007.
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Nonsense. The Daily is a large format-only tablet app. Back in January of this year, what are the numerous Android 10" tablets that The Daily should have been made for? Before this year, what should The Daily have been targeting for 10" tablets? The fact is: the vast majority of Android apps that target tablets largely only support a small number of devices because they're the only ones being sold in any number (and even than not very well compared to iPads).

To say, this isn't a fragmentation is beyond reason: every single day an app developer decides to target a subset of Android devices and they state the reasoning being that it is too costly and expensive to try to support all of the devices across all of the versions. That is the definition of fragmentation.

Also, I post a clear refutation of Thom's claim from nearly a year ago, but do I know if The Daily remains exclusively supported on the Tab or that it doesn't actually run on non-supported tablets? No, because I don't care. But I've already done about 200% more fact checking on this story than the person who wrote it so I'll leave that to you and everyone else who disagrees with me...

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