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Windows Desktop users deserve a significant rethink of the Windows 8 gaffes and omissions for the next version of Windows, writes InfoWorld's Woody Leonhard, offering 10 must-have features for Windows 9. From a "Get out of hell" modal dialog to prevent unwanted jumping to Metro, to a Control Panel that actually controls the kinds of things you would want a Control Panel to control, it's 'due time we diehards speak out.' What's your feedback for the Windows dev team as it puts together its Windows 9 (or "Windows Blue"?) specs.
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RE[4]: Put the desktop back
by UltraZelda64 on Tue 4th Dec 2012 06:11 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Put the desktop back"
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My point simply was that, no matter what you do, you cannot avoid encounters with Metro. Desktop user or not, you just can't. Despite the original poster claiming, "oh, just disable it!"

And by the way, no--your second summary is way off; it's more like: "I almost never need the damn charms, yet they insist on popping up all the damn time anyway." And yes, the charms bar is a part of Metro, which you cannot avoid using just to reboot the damn machine. Even if it's only every once in a while it's just an example of my point that you cannot escape Metro. That is my point.

And as for the start menu thing... well, the traditional one only took a tiny fraction of the screen; Metro's "Start screen" literally takes up the whole damn screen (and plenty of scrolling if you've got it nicely populated with programs).

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