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Windows Desktop users deserve a significant rethink of the Windows 8 gaffes and omissions for the next version of Windows, writes InfoWorld's Woody Leonhard, offering 10 must-have features for Windows 9. From a "Get out of hell" modal dialog to prevent unwanted jumping to Metro, to a Control Panel that actually controls the kinds of things you would want a Control Panel to control, it's 'due time we diehards speak out.' What's your feedback for the Windows dev team as it puts together its Windows 9 (or "Windows Blue"?) specs.
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Have any Windows users here thought about moving to OS X?

I toy with the idea every now and then, but in the end I always end up getting a new PC with dual boot Linux Distribution/Windows.

For technical users like myself, Apple's hardware is just overpriced, taking in account what I can get in terms of CPU and GPU power in PC land. This is what matters to my types of coding.

OpenGL support is a joke with the amount of Apple extensions it has and how long Apple keeps on delaying new versions without announcing their OpenGL roadmap support.

The Mac systems at work are already good enough to hack around when needed.

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