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OSNews, Generic OSes With the just released version 12.11, the developers of the Genode OS Framework are celebrating the break-through to execute the entire build system based on GCC 4.7.2 within their genuine operating-system environment. The new release gets accompanied with new audio drivers from the Open Sound System project, extended support for OMAP4, and numerous stability and performance improvements concerning the underlying kernel platforms.
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RE[6]: I feel like a thicko
by zima on Tue 4th Dec 2012 12:47 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: I feel like a thicko"
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Thanks for further info, I think I really have now a decent idea about what Genode is.

Indeed, microkernels seem to be everywhere but mostly go unnoticed. For example, did you know that there is a microkernel running in the Samsung Galaxy S3?

Reminded me about a big L4 deploymant info, in the most straightforward of places:

Also about (apparently "used in Mediatek Dual SIM Dual processor based chipsets found on most Chinese phones [...] A large number of Motorola, Samsung, LG, Siemens/Benq, Sagem and NEC mobile phones. [...] Infineon S-Gold2 baseband chip used in Apple's iPhone" and many other non-mobile usages) - but is that a microkernel OS?
At least is a microkernel, it seems, and it also apparently has tons of ~mobile deployment.

WRT where Genode could end up - I wonder if it might eventually become a new basis for GNU OS / Hurd, maybe that project will finally go somewhere ;)

Best of wishes with your project.

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