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Microsoft Financial analyst Charles Sizemore predicts that over time, a persistent Microsoft will come to not only thrive but dominate in the mobile computing space, because Apple has no "moats" to prevent customer attrition and its insistence at heavily controlling the ecosystem will drive customers away, while Google's offerings are too "shoddy." It's a bold prediction, but I suppose betting on Microsoft to be persistent and build on its strengths is a safe bet. But will persistence and flexibility be enough?
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RE: Zune
by zima on Tue 4th Dec 2012 15:09 UTC in reply to "Zune"
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Anyone remember the Zune? Apple got there first, other vendors got there cheaper and/or better, and Microsoft got there late... Just like the last time.
I wish MS would stick with desktop stuff. They're actually good at that, and it isn't going away.

Remember Xbox? Atari got there first ...and died (the Atari of today is just renamed Infogrames), other vendors got there cheaper and/or better, and Microsoft got there late... and now Xbox has probably the best momentum.

Microsoft does usually dominate the fields they decide to focus on. Remember - DOS, GUI, office suites, they were all new things for Microsoft at some point in time.

BTW, Apple didn't really get there first with iPod - it really took off rather late ( ) and in few visible markets - when the rest of the world was starting to move to mobile already (I saw some research from 2006 or 2007, how 20% of Europe uses their mobile for music consumption ...that alone means more than all iPods ever made)

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