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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "For a seventh consecutive month, the Samsung Galaxy S III is the most popular smartphone in the United Kingdom. The data compiled by uSwitch is based on live searches, pre-orders, as well as postpaid sales. Curiously, Apple's current smartphone flagship is not even second. The iPhone 5 is outperformed by its predecessor, whose lower price and improved contract offers helped it remain appealing. The Samsung Galaxy S II completes the quartet at the top. The rest of the top ten smartphones is entirely an Android party. It includes the Google Nexus 4, who entered the rankings a solid fifth. The second half of the top ten includes the Samsung Galaxy Ace, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Sony Xperia U, HTC One X, as well as the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2." This is getting ridiculous, and it's not good for the market. For the love of Fiona, people, buy something that's not Android. I don't want to live in an Android-dominated smartphone world.
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Thom, please clarify...
by everymantech on Tue 4th Dec 2012 15:27 UTC
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What do you mean by, "This is getting ridiculous, and it's not good for the market."?

The fundamentals of marketing tell us that competition is great for the overall market. We know that even though Microsoft dominated the market, Apple's innovation forced MS to evolve and that in turn benefited the consumer, which in turn benefited the market by allowing more consumers access to the technology.

Android in general are offering consumers products that other vendors are not and in response, those other vendors will have to adapt and add some features to their products in order to attract more consumers; benefiting the overall market by forcing competition and innovation.

If Android does become the dominant smartphone in the world, it would be because the other vendors failed to adapt and were left behind (like blackberry), that's how the market is supposed to work.

Instead of worrying about an android dominated world, you should be railing against those vendors who refuse to evolve and provide the customer with a reason to purchase their products.

If my mom is offered a free android phone or an inexpensive phone without a contract that does exactly what she wants, why should she purchase an iPhone or Windows phone for hundreds of dollars more, when they offer no (to her) difference in service and may even increase her cost to use it?

A healthy market provides room for all levels and types of users and if android is dominating a certain type of user, then the other vendors need to consider whether or not that market is their target audience. If it is, then they need to find a way to compete.

Unfortunately for the other vendors, android is able to crossover into different markets, offering the consumer many more options. The real downside being the fragmentation, but in reality how many consumers even notice what version of OS they are running? Especially those on contract that upgrade their phones every year or two anyway?

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