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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Two weeks ago, as I was busy finding out in Vegas that double-shot frozen cocktails are a really stupid idea, a small Finnish startup unveiled their mobile operating system: Jolla unveiled Sailfish. With a strong focus on the Chinese market, the company is aiming to offer serious competition to Android's dominance of the smartphone market.
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There will never be "Cyanogenmod-like" custom roms for Sailfish, because all their UI-stuff is proprietary and will be developed behind closed doors, like the Swipe-UI, it is exactly the same model as with the N9, The base is truely open but ontop there is proprietary secret sauce.
You might be able to install Mer with Nemo-UI or some other UI on a Sailfish phone, but the Sailfish UI is very much proprietary. They said so from the beginning,

Google "open core software" .. IMHO Android real FOSS(the thrown-over-the-wall-type), while open core is just marketing and really means "we-take-what-need-and-keep-our-stuff-closed"

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