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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Two weeks ago, as I was busy finding out in Vegas that double-shot frozen cocktails are a really stupid idea, a small Finnish startup unveiled their mobile operating system: Jolla unveiled Sailfish. With a strong focus on the Chinese market, the company is aiming to offer serious competition to Android's dominance of the smartphone market.
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RE[2]: For a last stand
by cyrilleberger on Wed 5th Dec 2012 07:35 UTC in reply to "RE: For a last stand"
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If they'll sell handsets through common distributors like Amazon and they'll support a good range of GSM/LTE networks then why would it be limited to China only?

Because very few people buy phones through Amazon. Jolla is a very small company, so they have to focus. Their strategy is actually brilliant, they have noticed that the "Western" markets are saturated with Android and iDevices, even Microsoft is failing to make a dent in those markets, on those markets they can only reach out a few open source geeks, but they don't want to be the next OpenMoko, they aim at becoming big, therefore they need a market where they can expand. China is that market, Android is the leader, but in reality, very few Chinese have already bought a smartphone, meaning there is a lot of room to expand. And Android dominance in the Western world is irrelevant for China, it is a different ecosystem, which is also perfect for developing an alternative operating system, since the field is levelled with the competition.

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